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Ciao bella!


I’ve got a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Boston University and I’m a permanent student in the school of life. I love learning and am always researching the latest and greatest for my clients. I know there’s a lot of confusing and contradictory information in the media when it comes to nutrition! There’s nothing I love more than dispelling nutrition myths and making complicated science easy to digest.

I’m also a Registered Dietitian with a holistic approach. Holistic means I believe in looking at your whole life and coming up with a plan that makes sense for YOU! That includes your eating habits, sleep patterns, stress level, and even your favourite hobbies. I’m a master at synthesizing this information and formulating a perfect plan that will work for you.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients in diverse settings – from a cancer clinic to Intensive Care (ICU) to private practice. These experiences have allowed me to develop a strong sense of compassion and understanding of unique client needs.

When I’m not dishing out nutrition advice – or preparing my next class – you can find me blending up green smoothies, exploring parks by the lake in Port Credit, and dreaming about lavender fields in Provence.


What I believe…

  • Food is medicine. And by food I mean real food, you know the kind that wasn’t made in a lab and doesn’t need a label
  • The body has a natural ability to heal itself
  • There is no pill, lotion or serum that will ever replace a healthy diet
  • If you can’t ingest it, why put it on your skin?
  • Small changes can lead to massive results

What can you expect from me?

A tailor-made plan you’ll adore! How do I create this plan? By asking questions and lots of them! I like asking questions and love hearing your answers. My friends and former clients tell me I’m a great listener. Questions are how I get to know all about you and your unique lifestyle.

Accountability and honesty. Honesty is one of my core values and that means I’ll tell you the truth even when you might not want to hear it.  If I think you’re inadvertently sabotaging your progress, I won’t give you the “everything in moderation” spiel.  I want you to be successful and won’t let anything (especially that pesky voice in your head) stand in your way! 

A safe space to show up as the person you want to be. I know what it feels like to have problem skin and how it can affect your confidence. As a teenager I struggled with acne and saw numerous dermatologists that prescribed harsh creams and antibiotics. Not a single one ever questioned my diet.

Spotty skin continued in my twenties and I feared it was something I’d have to deal with for life. I envied the girls with perfect complexions who could just run out the door without spending their precious time applying concealer.

The first time I truly came to believe in a connection between my inner health and outer appearance was after a 3-week trip to Italy and Croatia with a friend. It was an incredible trip and we loaded up on cheesy, carb-heavy dishes and frequent pit stops for gelato.

My digestion was affected and by the end of those 3 weeks, my skin was the worst it had ever been. 

Once I got home, I saw an esthetician to help get things back on track. She was the first person to ever inquire about my diet and suggested I cut out dairy for a while. I have to admit; if it had been any other time I probably would have been a bit defensive and dismissive. As a Registered Dietitian, I thought I had a pretty good handle on what to eat! Luckily, I was so desperate to clear up my skin that I took her advice and a break from dairy.

I was amazed to see a dramatic improvement in my skin. Not only did it recover from the trip, it actually looked better than it ever had before! So began my quest to learn all I could about diet and skin and use my nutrition expertise to help other women struggling with problem skin.


Let’s do this!

I want to develop a relationship with you where you feel super comfortable. I know how awkward it feels sharing the most intimate details of your medical history and bowel habits with someone you’ve never met. It also puts you in a vulnerable position that doesn’t benefit our relationship.

I want to know all about you, but let’s start with the fun stuff. Are you ready to transform your health and get glowing, radiant skin? I’d love to be your partner on this exciting journey!

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If you’re dying to know more about me, here are 6 random facts:

  • I was born in Africa. Ivory Coast, to be precise. Are you surprised I didn’t say South Africa? Most people are…
  • My favourite colour is red, but not just any red. It has to be the perfect shade of red – not too pink and not too orange.
  • I’d rather read a book than watch TV. I love reading and dream of having a marvelous library (with sliding ladders) in my house one day.
  • I’m seriously scared of spiders and used to check my ceiling every night before bed. One night I saw hundreds of baby spiders crawling on the ceiling and refused to sleep in my room for a month. True story.
  • I love tea and drink at least 3 cups/day. I have 2 whole shelves in my kitchen dedicated to my tea collection.
  • I have an airport in France and a nail polish named after me…just kidding. My name actually means “my light” in Hebrew and I think that’s pretty cool. Thanks Mom & Dad