Andrea M.

Orly Wachter

Before working with Orly I was struggling with dry, red and itchy skin. As much as I love playing with makeup, applying it on itchy sensitive skin is NOT fun!


Beyond my skin I also had digestive issues that were making me feel bloated and uncomfortable. I had tried seeing a dermatologist and experimenting with different creams, but didn’t get the results I wanted. In fact, my dermatologist didn’t talk about my diet at all.


Orly helped me make simple changes to my eating habits and skincare routine that were really easy to fit into my life. She provided me with recipes, personalized skincare recommendations that I could find in my city (even though I live in Switzerland!) and tips for managing stress at work. I felt understood, learned so much and really enjoyed our sessions where it felt like I was talking with a friend.


Working with Orly was everything I hoped for and more. Not only does my skin look and feel so much better, I also have more energy throughout the day and feel more comfortable now that my digestion is under control.

Andrea M. Executive Director November 18, 2017