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I met Orly after being referred by my family doctor. I had returned from vacation where I developed a rash on my body. Allergies were blamed for the rash and the usual combination of Benadryl and anti-itch creams were prescribed to deal with it. While I could see some improvement, my skin felt scaly and itchy and the medication made me drowsy. I was ready to try something different and get to the bottom of it.

From my first visit with Orly we clicked. She listened patiently to my story and empathized with my ordeal. She was genuinely interested in helping me and asked me to keep a food diary before we met again. To make a long story short we identified the problems related to my not so healthy diet. I started to follow her advice and gradually made changes. Now my skin looks and feels better than ever and as an added bonus I lost some weight. I’m very grateful to have found Orly and have her on my side. We continue to meet as I find her very knowledgeable and enjoy her approach to healthy living.

Anna R. Project Manager September 25, 2015

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