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About a year ago I started getting large, painful bumps on my neck.  They didn’t seem like the average break-outs I’d get from time to time in the past.  They sprang up over-night and would take an eternity to go away.  Even if they did, they’d be replaced by yet another one (or two) the very next day.  I tried everything from expensive serums, lotions and spot treatments to facials at spas.  I’ve spent a fortune trying to get back the clear skin I once had.  I visited my doctor who said I was experiencing cystic acne.  Not wanting to start taking medication as a treatment, I googled everything on cystic acne and tried all the remedies and still it wouldn’t go away. 

Not until I met with Orly who showed me that the issue was more than just skin-deep.  She changed the way I looked at food and showed me that a healthy diet is the true basis for beautiful skin.  Through food she balanced the hormones that were triggering my cystic acne.  Not only is my skin completely cleared up now, but I am more energetic, active and feel more confident about myself. 

Jenny D. Sr. Performance Analyst September 25, 2015

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