Kate Crocco

Orly Wachter

I was immediately drawn to Orly after joining her Gorgeous Glow Group and seeing all of the value she gives her clients. I was pretty fed up with my skin and skeptical whether a holistic approach could help fix it. I had been on heavy prescription acne creams for some time which had altogether stopped working and also stripped my skin, leaving it sensitive and red. I also went through three months of a treatment that used suction and light therapy to treat my cystic acne and still no results.

Orly went through my skincare routine and helped me purge what I was using and go back to basics. In the next session she gave me a list of recommendations to start implementing into my skincare routine. All organic, no more heavy prescription cream. She also gave me recommendations for foods to avoid and walked through my daily habits to help me find more culprits causing my acne. She also sent me a full written report of our work together to keep me organized and make it simple to remember.

Well, I wish you could see and feel my skin today!! Less than three weeks after working with Orly and using her recommendations my skin is flawless!!! It actually glows now. Someone actually recently asked me how I got my skin to glow 🙂 I told her her Orly!!

This lady knows her stuff! If you want glowing skin to up your confidence book a session right away!! And one last thing to note! I recently began creating videos for my biz and have kept the camera at a distance so no one could see my imperfections. Well, I am done with hiding on the camera and have finally positioned it closer now that I have this glowing skin!

Cheers to no more hiding and getting more visible in my biz!!

Kate Crocco. Confidence & Mindset Coach January 21, 2016