Sandy H.

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I started working with Orly about a year ago when I was trying to make some changes to improve my health.  Little did I know that there would be so many other spin off benefits. Not only am I healthier but I have lost some weight and people often comment that, “you look great & your skin looks so good”

I appreciate the way that Orly encouraged me to concentrate on eating healthier rather than just

following a particular diet or regime.  She encouraged me to try new foods and prepare things in ways that were different to what I was always used to.  Her years of experience and education enabled her help me be flexible and try things that would work into my lifestyle. 

She patiently encouraged me and answered my many questions.  Her creativity and enthusiastic coaching has been a key to my success.  She continues to inspire me with new ideas and possibilities and makes this journey fun for me.

Sandy H. Registered Nurse September 25, 2015

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