What my clients are saying


Before working with Orly I was struggling with dry, red and itchy skin. As much as I love playing with makeup, applying it on itchy sensitive skin is NOT fun!


Beyond my skin I also had digestive issues that were making me feel bloated and uncomfortable. I had tried seeing a dermatologist and experimenting with different creams, but didn’t get the results I wanted. In fact, my dermatologist didn’t talk about my diet at all.


Orly helped me make simple changes to my eating habits and skincare routine that were really easy to fit into my life. She provided me with recipes, personalized skincare recommendations that I could find in my city (even though I live in Switzerland!) and tips for managing stress at work. I felt understood, learned so much and really enjoyed our sessions where it felt like I was talking with a friend.


Working with Orly was everything I hoped for and more. Not only does my skin look and feel so much better, I also have more energy throughout the day and feel more comfortable now that my digestion is under control.

Andrea M. Executive Director November 18, 2017

Working with Orly was better than I could have imagined. I had been struggling with hormonal cystic acne along my jawline for over a YEAR. It was incredibly embarrassing and painful! I knew I wanted to use video for my business but felt too insecure to be on camera. I had tried so many different products and even had a prescription from my doctor, but nothing seemed to help my skin. After one week of working with Orly, I immediately started seeing results. And now, one month later, my skin looks and feels better than it EVER has before! Orly really knows what she's doing -- she's so supportive and caring, and I trust her guidance completely. It has really boosted my confidence, and now I get excited to use video in my business. My skin is GLOWING, and I feel so confident and beautiful, even without makeup! Thank you Orly!

Megan Schopieray. Marketing & Launch Strategist February 24, 2016

I was immediately drawn to Orly after joining her Gorgeous Glow Group and seeing all of the value she gives her clients. I was pretty fed up with my skin and skeptical whether a holistic approach could help fix it. I had been on heavy prescription acne creams for some time which had altogether stopped working and also stripped my skin, leaving it sensitive and red. I also went through three months of a treatment that used suction and light therapy to treat my cystic acne and still no results.

Orly went through my skincare routine and helped me purge what I was using and go back to basics. In the next session she gave me a list of recommendations to start implementing into my skincare routine. All organic, no more heavy prescription cream. She also gave me recommendations for foods to avoid and walked through my daily habits to help me find more culprits causing my acne. She also sent me a full written report of our work together to keep me organized and make it simple to remember.

Well, I wish you could see and feel my skin today!! Less than three weeks after working with Orly and using her recommendations my skin is flawless!!! It actually glows now. Someone actually recently asked me how I got my skin to glow 🙂 I told her her Orly!!

This lady knows her stuff! If you want glowing skin to up your confidence book a session right away!! And one last thing to note! I recently began creating videos for my biz and have kept the camera at a distance so no one could see my imperfections. Well, I am done with hiding on the camera and have finally positioned it closer now that I have this glowing skin!

Cheers to no more hiding and getting more visible in my biz!!

Kate Crocco. Confidence & Mindset Coach January 21, 2016

About a year ago I started getting large, painful bumps on my neck.  They didn’t seem like the average break-outs I’d get from time to time in the past.  They sprang up over-night and would take an eternity to go away.  Even if they did, they’d be replaced by yet another one (or two) the very next day.  I tried everything from expensive serums, lotions and spot treatments to facials at spas.  I’ve spent a fortune trying to get back the clear skin I once had.  I visited my doctor who said I was experiencing cystic acne.  Not wanting to start taking medication as a treatment, I googled everything on cystic acne and tried all the remedies and still it wouldn’t go away. 

Not until I met with Orly who showed me that the issue was more than just skin-deep.  She changed the way I looked at food and showed me that a healthy diet is the true basis for beautiful skin.  Through food she balanced the hormones that were triggering my cystic acne.  Not only is my skin completely cleared up now, but I am more energetic, active and feel more confident about myself. 

Jenny D. Sr. Performance Analyst September 25, 2015

I loved your workshop on natural health and beauty! Your suggestions were awesome and inspired me to transform my beauty routine. I didn’t realize how many harmful products I was using and that there are so many great alternatives available that actually work better!

Your nutrition & product recommendations helped clear up my acne and I finally feel happy with my skin.

Vanessa N. Quality Assurance Coordinator September 25, 2015

I met Orly after being referred by my family doctor. I had returned from vacation where I developed a rash on my body. Allergies were blamed for the rash and the usual combination of Benadryl and anti-itch creams were prescribed to deal with it. While I could see some improvement, my skin felt scaly and itchy and the medication made me drowsy. I was ready to try something different and get to the bottom of it.

From my first visit with Orly we clicked. She listened patiently to my story and empathized with my ordeal. She was genuinely interested in helping me and asked me to keep a food diary before we met again. To make a long story short we identified the problems related to my not so healthy diet. I started to follow her advice and gradually made changes. Now my skin looks and feels better than ever and as an added bonus I lost some weight. I'm very grateful to have found Orly and have her on my side. We continue to meet as I find her very knowledgeable and enjoy her approach to healthy living.

Anna R. Project Manager September 25, 2015

Throughout my teens and twenties, I was blessed to have perfect skin. I never spent much time or money on skincare and got away with a basic soap and water skincare routine. At the age of 35, after having 2 kids, I developed acne for the first time and didn’t know what to do. I’m so happy I reached out to Orly for help! She is a great listener and took the time to understand my skincare needs and lifestyle. I never thought I’d be drinking green smoothies, but now I make them every morning and my kids love them too. My skin has cleared up; I have more energy and no longer feel guilty about taking time to pamper myself once in a while!

Rachel C. Administrative Assistant September 25, 2015

I started working with Orly about a year ago when I was trying to make some changes to improve my health.  Little did I know that there would be so many other spin off benefits. Not only am I healthier but I have lost some weight and people often comment that, “you look great & your skin looks so good”

I appreciate the way that Orly encouraged me to concentrate on eating healthier rather than just

following a particular diet or regime.  She encouraged me to try new foods and prepare things in ways that were different to what I was always used to.  Her years of experience and education enabled her help me be flexible and try things that would work into my lifestyle. 

She patiently encouraged me and answered my many questions.  Her creativity and enthusiastic coaching has been a key to my success.  She continues to inspire me with new ideas and possibilities and makes this journey fun for me.

Sandy H. Registered Nurse September 25, 2015