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The Profitable Package Lab

Design a signature package that solves a specific problem for your ideal client, clearly differentiates you in the wellness marketplace and has your clients telling all their friends you’re the best thing since Halo Top ice cream, so you can stop trading hours for dollars and attract clients who are ready to invest in their health.   

Tired of doing one-off sessions and unbillable discovery calls?

At this point you’ll take on any client. Weight loss, IBS, infertility…you name it. Not exactly who you’re passionate about working with, but it seems like you don’t have a choice since clients are trickling in and you’re starting to feel nervous that maybe you’re overpriced, or worse, that you have no value to offer.


It doesn’t help that the few clients you’ve worked with ghosted you after their initial consult…

Seriously, what’s up with that? You spent time learning every tiny detail about their medical history, lab results and eating habits then poof! They disappear faster than granola bar samples at Costco. I remember scrambling to find clients, pouring time and energy into creating a custom plan for them, and feeling frustrated and discouraged when they didn’t even bother to show up for their next appointment.

But then I realized I was letting it happen by offering single sessions.

I was attracting clients with unrealistic expectations who wanted a quick fix. Truth is, health transformations don’t happen overnight. Even if you’re the world’s greatest dietitian, NOBODY is going to get lasting results in just one session.

What if you could work with motivated clients who show up, invest in their health and commit to getting results?

Imagine how rewarding it would feel to work with someone long enough to witness the transformation you helped make in their life, all while getting paid what you deserve. I’m here to help you ditch the single session approach that’s not working and create a profitable package that changes lives.

The Profitable Package
Lab will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on WHO you serve, WHAT transformation they’ll achieve and WHY you’re the best person to guide them
  • Discover the needs and wants of your dream clients and what they’re willing to pay for
  • Design a signature program and communicate its value to the right people using effective results-based language and other copywriting tricks I’ve got up my sleeve


Week 1:

Figure Out Who Your Dream Clients Are

Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to your welcome guide and video training designed to help narrow your focus on only those clients you’d love to serve. Grab a smoothie, print out your workbook and let the learning begin!

Week 2:

Nail Your Niche

It’s easy to overthink things and worry about “how narrow is too narrow” when it comes to your niche. That’s why this 60-minute 1:1 video chat is designed to get you out of your head and get completely clear on your niche with my guidance and support.

Week 3:

Become a Client Mind Reader

Time to get your Sherlock Holmes on with my list of customized interview questions that will help you know your ideal clients better than they know themselves. You’ll get access to all my best tips & tricks for figuring out where your ideal clients hang out, how to get them on the phone and determine the best way you can help them.

Week 4:

Design Your Signature Package

Use all the ideal client insights you’ve gained so far to design a package they want and need that’s focused on RESULTS. You’ll learn exactly how to communicate the value of your offer in an enticing way.

Week 5:

Pricing & Marketing Your Signature Package to Sell

Yay you did it! Let’s pop some bubbly and talk next steps. On this 60-minute wrap-up call we’ll chat about pricing your package and strategies to get your package into the hands of your dream clients, so you can start transforming lives.

Not only that, you’ll get unlimited email support throughout the 5-week program. I’m here to get you unstuck when pesky perfectionism kicks in, motivate you to take action even when it feels uncomfortable, and to provide loads of feedback so you know you’re on the right track.

And it's all yours for a one-time payment of $497

Ready to get started?


This is NOT a cookie-cutter program or just another course with loads of content you have no time to consume. This is a unique system that combines 1:1 coaching with all the information & tools you need to take action and implement what you learn.

You’ll get 2 private 60-minute coaching calls with me over our 5 weeks together. I’m also available for email support to help you implement what you learn and answer any questions that come up along the way!

Absolutely! Starting your practice on the right foot with total clarity on who you’ll serve and what you have to offer is a super smart business decision.