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How I took the leap from hospital employee to running a virtual private practice with confidence...and helping other health experts do the same.

It started with a cheesy logo, $6000 website, and an ebook that took me 4 months to write. Back in 2014, I was working full time at an oncology clinic, teaching internationally trained dietitians at Ryerson University, and spending every spare minute building my private practice.


…listening to patient mealtime complaints day after day

…feeling like an Ensure supplement pusher

…getting bullied by nasty nurses

…wondering why I got a Masters degree only to be underpaid and unappreciated

…wishing I could help my patients in a more holistic and impactful way

I knew I had to get serious about making my private practice dreams come true.

I remember sitting at my desk pretending to look busy until I was “allowed” to leave and longing for the freedom to set my own work hours. I wanted to be able to take time off for a doctor’s appointment without needing to ask anyone for permission.

Not only that, I saw SO many opportunities to improve care for my patients, but felt stifled by a manager who didn’t support my innovative spirit.

Lunch break was the highlight of my day because I could devote a solid hour to my business. There was just one little problem: I wasted more time deciding what to focus on than actually getting any productive work done. And the more I learned about business, the more I felt pulled in a million different directions. Getting clients felt like a constant uphill battle and I seriously doubted whether I’d ever have enough clients and financial security to leave my clinical job.

I wasted time and money on all the wrong things like:

  • Writing an ebook before I was even clear on my niche or what they wanted
  • Investing in a professional website and branding before I had strong messaging and offers in place
  • Posting pretty food pics and inspirational quotes on social media that got me likes, but not clients
  • Worrying what other RDs would think of me and my business
  • Spending more time learning and downloading freebies than implementing

Turns out piecing together random templates and “proven” systems from Facebook gurus and business podcasts isn’t a good business strategy.

It wasn’t until I hired my own business coach that I finally got clear on the needs of my ideal client, learned how to conduct sales calls in a way that felt genuine, and focused on business tasks that led to real clients.

Best part is, I’ve been able to be home with my son since the moment he was born and work around his schedule.

Could I have figured it all out on my own? Maybe, but it would have cost me A LOT more time at a clinical job that made me miserable, evenings and weekends spent on my business instead of enjoying my family, and money spent on content-heavy courses with big promises, but not a lot of support.

Let me help you avoid the same mistakes I made…

Hi, I’m Orly!

A Registered Dietitian, Mentor and Business Coach for other RDs, and proud mama.

I help health & wellness entrepreneurs:

  • Get clear on who their ideal client is and exactly where to find them
  • Position themselves in a way that stands out in the crowded wellness marketplace
  • Craft a compelling marketing message that attracts their dream clients
  • Ditch one-off sessions and sell profitable packages that actually create transformation instead
  • Go from information overload to focused on the right business-building activities that lead to consistent clients

I believe ...

That dietitians are THE nutrition experts. And frankly, it pisses me off that less qualified nutrition professionals are rolling in clients and cash while dishing out dubious advice. 

It’s not your fault. You didn’t learn anything about business or how to market yourself in school. And that’s why I’ve made it my mission to teach you the skills and strategies you need for success.

Teaching is in my Type O+ blood ...

From taking attendance with my dolls to precepting countless dietetic interns and teaching internationally trained dietitians what they need to know to practice in Canada, I’ve always had a passion for helping others get the skills and education they need to achieve their goals.

My clinical job
taught me ...

That we shouldn’t wait for “someday” to follow our dreams. 

Working with thousands of cancer patients showed me that life can change in a heartbeat and gave me the ultimate push to follow my entrepreneurial dreams. 

If you’re miserable in your clinical job right now ...

Look for the lessons and please know that everything you’re doing right now is ultimately leading you to where you’re meant to go. 

On a lighter note, I met my hubby while working at the hospital, so I’m grateful for that too.

My recipe for success

You wouldn’t try baking a cake without a recipe, right? You could experiment, but you’d probably end up wasting a lot of time and money. Not to mention all those perfectly good ingredients in the trash.

It’s the same with business. You need a recipe to follow and mine looks something like this….


A sprinkle of CLARITY

Because how can you create the private practice of your dreams when you’re fuzzy on what that looks like? Let’s get clear on your vision and goals so that you design a business that fits the lifestyle you desire.


A dash of FOCUS

Should you blog more? Create an online course? Host a podcast? We’ll take the billion ideas swirling around your head and focus on only the tasks that will help you finally get traction in your business.


A heaping scoop of ACTION

Learning is great, but there comes a time when you have to implement. Shift from dreams and ideas to massive action, because true entrepreneurs are DOERS more than dreamers.

Before working with Orly I didn’t have much of a plan for my business and didn’t know what my priorities should be. I felt overwhelmed by making decisions and struggled with knowing how and who to market my business to.

Over the past 3 months I’ve been able to narrow my niche, develop my first opt-in offer, and create an email sequence to grow and nurture my email list. Orly provided a ton of valuable feedback on all my content and I learned so much about writing copy that resonates with my target audience.

I needed someone to keep me accountable and motivate me to take action and thanks to Orly I feel confident in continuing to move my business forward with a solid plan in place.

– Allison Little, Allison Little Nutrition

Ready to go
from Health Pro to CEO?

These are a few of my favourite things

Morning Bevvie:

Matcha latte made with almond milk and a touch of honey


Peanut butter energy balls

My Boys:

Cyrus & Ken


Gerbera daisies

Travel Destination:

Province, France

Orly Wachter

is a Registered Dietitian and Business Mentor

Who helps ambitious dietitians & health coaches create a virtual practice that gives them more freedom, flexibility and unlimited earning potential, so they can go to mid-day yoga classes, spend time at the playground with their kids and have a massive impact in the health of their clients. When she’s not coaching, you can find her scribbling in a journal, building LEGO villages with her son, or dreaming of lavender fields in Province.