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Go from Health Pro to CEO® with step-by-step business strategy & coaching that gets you clarity, clients and cash.

If you’re a dietitian or health coach who dreams of a thriving virtual practice with a mile-long waitlist, but have no clue how to make it happen, you’re in the right place. 

You know you’re great at nutrition.

Calculating TPN orders is a piece of flourless chocolate cake, but business strategy and marketing seem to make your head spin.

PubMed is your BFF and you’re up to date on all the latest nutrition research. Problem is nutrition expertise is only half the battle. What you need are proven strategies that get eager clients lining up to work with you…not random marketing strategies that worked for some stranger on Facebook. I’ll help you kick overwhelm to the curb so you can focus on the right business-building strategies for exactly where you’re at in your business.

You’re bursting with bright ideas,

but struggling with where to focus your limited time and energy to bring in clients and cash?

Let’s snap you out of idea-land and into ACTION. I know your time is limited between a heavy caseload at work, chauffeuring your kids to swim lessons and cooking up Instagram-worthy meals. Imagine you could take all the ideas swirling around your brain and know exactly which ones to focus on right now to gain traction in your business. Even if you don’t see yourself as a business person, I can help you prioritize money-making tasks, get known as the “go-to” expert in your specific niche, and learn to sell without feeling sleazy.


You think you’ve got your niche figured out,

or maybe you’re not totally sure, but either way you need to speak to them in a way that gets them signing up to work with you faster than money disappears at Whole Foods.

Good news! I’m an expert at helping my clients find the perfect niche and use their unique story to stand out from the sea of other nutrition professionals out there. As a certified direct-response copywriting specialist, I’ll show you how to become a client mindreader and use that information to create irresistible packages they can’t wait to buy.

You’re tired of offering one-off sessions...

and wondering how on earth you’ll be able to see enough clients to replace your clinical job?

Even if you’re not looking for a business coach right now, please promise me you’ll ditch the one-off sessions. Let’s be honest…unless you’re a magical nutrition ninja, nobody is going to achieve a health transformation in only one session! If you want to create packages that get your clients major results while also making the money you deserve, let’s talk.

You wish you could go to daytime yoga classes...

and take your kids on fun field trips.

I like your style! That’s exactly how I spend my days and you can too. Let’s start by getting you a steady flow of dream clients so you can ease out of your 9-5 clinical job with confidence.

With Orly’s help I quickly grew my email list and Facebook Group to over 500 members! Before working together, I was struggling with direction and knowing what to focus on with my limited time as a mom and business owner. Orly helped me get clear on my goals and I loved being able to bounce ideas off her. She’s fun to work with and has a ton of wisdom gained from developing her own practice. I highly recommend Orly’s business mentorship program if you are ready to grow your nutrition practice.

– Kristin Willard, Bariatric Dietitian

Here’s how I can help you get traction in your business ASAP…

1:1 Business coaching

The Health Pro to CEO® coaching program is for health experts who feel lost in information overload and need a focused action plan designed to get consistent clients, become known as the go-to expert in their niche and channel their limited time and energy into the strategies that get them the best results.

The Profitable Package Lab

Design a package that transforms lives, has your clients telling all their friends you’re the best thing since Halo Top ice cream and gets you the dolla bills you deserve.

Book Your FREE Business Strategy Session Today