3 simple ways to make your marketing more easeful AND effective

3 simple ways to make your marketing more easeful AND effective

1. Post whenever you want to post.

I know there’s a part of you that’s gonna resist this in major ways.

Your analytical brain loves looking at patterns and data.

And while it’s true you can look to your insights for this kind of information and schedule accordingly, the timing of your posts and/or emails has very little impact on your overall results.

You’re craving some certainty that your efforts will pay off.

You think there’s a “right” time to post and all that does is take the spontaneity and energy out of connecting with your audience.

It feels like that lame dating game where you wait 3 days before you can make contact, so you don’t appear overeager.

Screw that.

If an idea strikes you and you want to post about it, GO FOR IT!

Yes, even if you’ve already posted once today…

Release any arbitrary rules you’ve created for yourself around posting.

  • There is no perfect time.
  • There is no perfect word count.
  • There is no perfect CTA.

2. Be Human.

You don’t need to talk about business all the time.

In fact, it’s more interesting if you don’t.

At the end of the day, you’re a human connecting with other humans and the reason they’re gonna choose you over another health pro in your niche is because they LIKE you.

And the way they figure out if they like you is if they actually know you.

  • Your personality.
  • Your quirks.
  • Your life outside of business.

If you’ve ever noticed you get WAY more engagement when you post a story about your pets or kids vs. your business, that’s why…

Creating content becomes so much easier when you realize that your LIFE is content…and there’s always a way to connect it back to what you’re selling (although you don’t always have to).

3. Say the things you’re afraid to say.

What are you hiding from your audience right now?

What are you scared to share?

I’m not saying to air all your dirty secrets online, but sometimes we hold back from sharing our real thoughts and opinions because we fear people will get turned off.

I remember feeling like I wanted to hide the fact that I turned 40 last year. There was a part of me that worried people would think I was too old to know what I was doing on social media.

Of course that thought wasn’t true and sharing a bold birthday post was SO liberating…it also changed absolutely nothing about the people I attracted and continue to attract to my business.

Here’s how I think about it (brace yourself for another dating analogy…)

If I was back in the dating world, I wouldn’t hide the fact that I have a kid because I’d want a partner who has no issue with that. And hiding it would only prolong the inevitable.

Same goes for your marketing…if sharing that you think keto is bunk (for example) turns people off, it’s better they know that upfront and can move along to find the right dietitian that aligns with their beliefs and values.

This is the type of marketing I believe in.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated.

You don’t have to play games or use fear-based tactics.

You get to show up, convey the power of your work, and create a strong connection with the people who most need your help by being more of YOU.

And if you’re craving personalized support to market your nutrition business with ease and attract consistent self-pay clients, so that you’re able to ditch those $125 single sessions and make the income you deserve as a dietitian – book a call with me.