How to Overcome Objections on Your Discovery Calls

Are you sick of hearing “I can’t afford it” on your discovery calls?

Wish you could just find clients with loads of money to spend?

It’s so frustrating when you get to the end of an amazing call with a potential dream client and then a ton of objections come up that leave you wondering “what the heck happened?

Truth is objections are totally normal and they’re also a beautiful opportunity to coach your potential client through the decision they’re making. Sure it would be nice to have a client say “heck yes” with zero hesitation (and it does happen sometimes!), but after being on hundreds of discovery calls I can tell you that no matter how great you are at what you do, people will always have objections fears about investing in themselves.

And that’s all it is…FEAR.

Here’s what your potential client’s probably thinking:

– Should I trust this stranger on the internet?

– Will it be worth it?

– Will I get the results I want?

None of it’s actually about the money and it’s your job to uncover what’s really going on, listen to their concerns and make them feel heard.

Are you ready to learn how to handle objections in a way that empowers your potential client to explore what’s holding them back and guide them to the decision that feels best for them?

Perfect! This video is for you!

After watching this video, you’ll know how to:

  • Handle money objections that come up during your discovery calls. (Hint: The answer’s NOT to find wealthier clients)
  • Dive deeper with your potential clients to discover the real reason they’re worried about investing in your program.
  • Put your coaching skills to use and empower your potential clients to make the best decision for them.

I’m curious – what have you found most effective when it comes to handling objections on your discovery calls?

Need help nailing your sales process and handling objections with ease so you can get fully booked? Wanna grow your business in a way that suits the lifestyle you desire to have (instead of hustling 24/7)? I’ve got a 1:1 coaching spot with your name on it! Schedule a discovery call with me here!