If writing sales content feels unnatural, this is for you.

If writing sales content feels unnatural, this is for you.

Let me guess…

You have no problem sharing tips or how-to posts, but when it comes time to promote it feels like your brain shuts off.

You go into freeze mode.

You overthink your hook and CTA.

It feels awkward and forced.

Sound familiar?

It makes perfect sense that education is your default mode. It’s what you were trained to do as a nutrition expert and you’ve got a ton of academic papers under your belt.

But that’s not the only reason it feels easier to educate.

It’s also because the energy behind educational content is one of service and generosity.

You have no expectation for that piece of content to do anything for you other than give value to your audience, so the words flow freely with no attachment to a particular outcome.

On the other hand, when it comes to sales content there’s often a lot of pressure associated with each piece because of your desire to have it “work”.

You write the promo post with an intention to book a call, sell a product, or get a sign-up and you’ve been led to believe that getting someone to take that action requires a precise set of words said in a perfect sequence.

It’s not that simple. We’re humans, not robots…

And the reason someone will (or won’t) take action on your post has less to do with the specific words you use and more to do with the energy behind them.

So how do you take the pressure off your sales posts?

Stop seeing sales and education as mutually exclusive.

When it comes to content creation, you’ve probably been taught to separate your content into different themes like:

➢ Education

➢ Inspiration

➢ Entertainment

➢ Sales

I used to teach it this way too, but what I’ve realized after coaching countless health pros over the past few years is that having a separate bucket for sales is not only unnecessary, it’s also detrimental since it clearly blocks your ability to create.

So what if you viewed selling and educating as one and the same?

Because before someone will buy from you, they need to be:

  • Educated on the root cause of their problem. What do they think they need to do that’s just a bandaid solution and what do they actually need to do instead?
  • Educated on why the things they’ve previously tried haven’t worked for them and how your approach is different
  • Educated on the process you use to help your clients get the results they desire

Education goes a lot deeper than quick tips, snack ideas, and how-to’s.

And when you know how to do it effectively, you won’t have to shout about your offers on repeat, agonize over each CTA, or feel like you’re chasing clients.

Instead, you’ll have people reach out to you because it’s so obvious you’ve got the solution to their problems.

Need help with this? You know where to find me.