Seasonal Food for “Beet-iful” Skin

Each month I’ll be featuring a seasonal beauty food that’s great for your skin and overall health. I’ll also share plenty of tasty recipes for you to try. This time of year is all about root vegetables and depending on where you live; you’ve probably seen a bounty of colourful beets (red, yellow, orange) at […]

Boosting Confidence

Have you ever felt guilty for obsessing about your skin or letting a bad hair day get you down? Do you sometimes think that worrying about your skin means you’re vain or shallow? I want you to know that’s definitely not true! First of all, the health of your skin is a reflection of your […]

3 Steps to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

3 Steps to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine I was out for lunch with a good friend yesterday. She’s a vibrant and health conscious mom to a beautiful 2 year-old girl. She eats well, buys organic when possible and often seeks my opinion on various nutrition issues. Yesterday, our conversation switched from food to skincare […]