5 Common Website Copywriting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Does your website immediately capture your readers attention and let them know they’re in the right place? Having a beautiful website with fancy fonts and graphics is nice, but what really sells your services is great copywriting.

As Donald Miller states in his book Building a StoryBrand, “pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things.”

I’ve been browsing a bunch of wellness websites lately and the same 5 copywriting mistakes keep coming up that could be impacting your sales.

Mistake #1: Vague Language

Let’s say your ideal client happens to land on your website (hooray!) If all they see when they get there is “Suzy Q, Registered Dietitian” followed by “eat well, feel well” and a bunch of pretty food photos, that doesn’t tell them anything about whether they’ve landed in the right place.

With attention spans getting shorter by the minute, you need to capture the attention of anyone who lands on your website right away with clear copywriting that identifies whether you’re the solution to whatever health problem it is they want solved.

Here’s an example. When I worked with my client Allison, we transformed her website from saying “Bump & Sprout Nutrition” (not totally clear who she works with) to “practical parenting & mealtime solutions for moms of picky eaters” (crystal clear what she does and who she works with).

Mistake #2: Not Customer Focused

Your potential clients don’t care about you.

Harsh, but true.

I remember the first time a coach told me the very same thing. After the initial shock wore off it made complete sense.

The number one thing people care about is themselves and when they land on your website, they’re looking for a solution.

Maybe they’ve been struggling with lack of energy and weight gain since having kids or perhaps they just got diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have zero clue what to eat.

All they care about in that moment is whether you can help them!

Yes your credentials and experience are important. But they aren’t what you should lead with in your website copy.

Start by showing that you understand the frustrations and challenges your ideal client is facing before you dive into who you are and how you can help.

Mistake #3: No Focus on Benefits or Results

This is a huge one! When it comes to sales, people buy the RESULTS and TRANSFORMATION you can help them achieve.

Nobody cares whether they get 6 sessions, 24/7 email access or supplement recommendations. What they really care about is feeing good in a swimsuit on their family vacation and having the energy to chase after their kids at the park.

Here’s a trick you can use to turn features into benefits using a tiny, magical little word….”SO”

For example…

  • A 1 month meal plan SO you can spend more time with your kids instead of scrolling Pinterest for hours hunting down “healthy recipe ideas”
  • Personalized supplement recommendations SO you don’t throw money away on products full of fillers and other ingredients that don’t even work
  • Unlimited email support SO you stay on track and motivated to achieve your weight loss goals

Notice how it’s WAY more compelling when you add the “SO”?

Mistake #4: Stiff & Corporate Tone

If you’re a one woman show, there’s no need to write like a big enterprise.

I’ve seen a lot of dietitian sites use language like “it’s our goal to” or “we believe that” which sounds awkward when it’s obvious you’re a solopreneur.

People like to buy from real people who they feel a real connection with, so write like you’d naturally speak and let your true voice shine through.

Mistake #5: No Clear Call to Action

Once your reader knows you understand their problem and that you can help, you need to make it clear what they should do next! How can they go one step further?

Think about the purpose of each page on your site and where you want to guide your reader. It could be to download a valuable freebie or to book a complimentary call to discuss your services.

Make sure you’re always guiding your reader to take action by using clear & succinct copywriting for your call to action buttons. A few examples are: Get instant access now, Start my free trial, Buy now, Get my free guide, Take the quiz,  Book your free call.

These 5 mistakes could be costing you potential clients so it’s worth spending time writing website copy that will hook your ideal clients to stick around and take action.

Are you making any of these common website copywriting mistakes on your site? Leave a comment below.