8 Skincare Secrets From My Favourite Green Beauty Experts


For the longest time I’ve been super curious to know the skincare secrets of my favourite people in the green beauty world. Instead of wondering, I mustered up the courage and asked!

I’m so excited to share their answers with you!!

Skincare Secret #1 from Rachel Devine, founder of R Devine Skincare

“My skin care teacher in aesthetics school always said that water (taken internally) was the best skin care product that anyone can use, and I completely agree with her. Water intake is vital for hydration, proper organ function (remember your skin IS an organ), toxin release and hormone regulation. All of these factors play a role in your skin. You can use healthy, high-quality products, but if your body is dehydrated, your skin will definitely show the signs. You can notice big changes in your skin after simply increasing your water intake for 2 weeks.”

Skincare Tip #2 from Sonia Imerti, Owner of Pretty in Pink Spa Studio

“There are so many tips I could share but one in particular I feel strongly about sharing with you is the importance of cleansing your face properly before going to bed.  Over the years I have had many women tell us that they are too tired at night time to remove their makeup or think its not necessary as they don’t wear any makeup.

Your skin goes into repair mode at nighttime which is why cleansing properly, removing the buildup of accumulated debris and applying products that will treat and heal your skin is a very important step.  Skipping this step even on days you aren’t wearing makeup, you are simply compromising the biggest opportunity for your skin to repair and regenerate and to age gracefully.  Ladies, get your favourite products out and cleanse away.  Your skin will thank you.”

Skincare Tip #3 from Jessica Burman, founder & formulator of Cocoon Apothecary.

“You know what they say “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” It’s the key to a firm, healthy complexion. A normal to oily skin type can handle a facial oil but dry skin needs hydration so will do better with a cream containing oils, butters, waxes, and water/aloe vera juice/hydrosols.

Plant-based oils are rich in fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants to prevent sun and skin cell damage while supporting collagen and elastin production. They are also composed of phytosterols and essential fatty acids that soothe and regenerate skin.”

Skincare Tip #4 from Heather Urquhart, Founder & Formulator of huna Natural Apothecary.

“An extremely talented professional Aesthetician and Skincare Expert who I consider a Mentor and dear friend, taught me an excellent skin care tip for promoting the ‘graceful aging’ of your skin. This tip has stuck with me for years, and I try to practice it myself each day.

She told me to extend the same care that I do for my face to my neck, chest and hands.  Have you ever seen a woman have beautiful young & fresh facial skin because she’s cared very well for her facial skin over the years…however her hands, neck or chest tend to tell a different story?

The face, neck, chest and hands are the key areas which women tend to show dermal aging, as they are exposed to sunlight and the environment elements almost daily.  (And did you know that unprotected sun exposure may be responsible for up to 90% of premature dermal aging!  Be sure to wear sunscreen natural beauties!).

Start extending your facial routine to your neck, chest and hands – that means use your cleanser, toner, serums and moisturizers on those key areas too.  When treating your face to an exfoliation or mask, be sure to apply to your neck, chest and hands as well.

It can be difficult to remember at times, but once you create the habit and routine, it becomes quite natural.  I’ve seen excellent results from this tip – it really does work for keeping skin looking fresh & renewed over the years.

And for the record – there is beauty & wisdom in the way a woman ages.  It is a natural progression, and something we should all appreciate, as not everyone is granted the blessing of growing old.  But who doesn’t want to age with grace?!  ;)”

Skincare Tip #5 from Andrea Ashley, Clinical Aromatherapist and Skincare Formulator.

“There have been many skin care tips passed down to me throughout the years of study and being in this industry, and through trial and error I found what worked and what didn’t work for me. So I would have to say my biggest skin care tip is empowering customization and taking skin care in to your own hands. Every one’s skin, diet, health and lifestyle is so complex and unique to one another, so why would their skin care regimen be any different? In saying this, a great skin care tip is to make a weekly ritual to create a custom face mask and custom treatment oil to nourish the skin for it’s needs in that given moment. Creating a mask from scratch with fresh ingredients from the kitchen, clays and oils based on your needs and wants can be so therapeutic and takes skin care into self care and self love in an instant as you thoughtfully select ingredients that resonate with you.

The same goes for your face oil – hand selecting carrier oils and essential oils that you connect with that week, each week learning more about what you and your skin like and don’t like. As a simple starting ground, here is one of my favorite face oils that I custom created for myself.”


Castor Oil

Rosehip Oil

Avocado Oil

Petitgrain Essential Oil

Benzoin Essential Oil

Immortelle Essential Oil


1. Pour 6ml Avocado oil into glass dish

2. Add 5ml  of Castor oil

3. Add 4ml or Rosehip Oil, mix thoroughly

4. Add 2 drops of immortelle, mix thoroughly

5. Add 2 drops of Benzoin, mix thoroughly

6. Add 1 drop of petitgrain, mix thoroughly.

7. Pour mixture into 15ml glass bottle with airtight pump.

8. Apply to area as needed in the evening after washing the face 🙂

Castor is known to help acne, dry skin, stretch marks, and age spots

Rosehip is great for aiding in regeneration of skin cells and protecting and nourishing for all skin types

Avocado Contains Vitamin A, B and E as well as amino acids and proteins and can support damaged skin

Benzoin aids in healing bruises, scars due to it amazing regenerative properties

Immortelle is a healing oil, great for healing cuts, burns, stretch marks (old and new)

Petitgrain is a general stimulant for cell regeneration

Skincare Tip #6 from Jennifer Freitas, Founder and CEO of The Truth Beauty Company.

“Get to know your skin – if your skin is showing signs of stress, it is because there is something not aligning with it – it may be your exercise (or lack of) (stimulation of the lymphatic system is necessary for healthy skin), your diet (perhaps, you have a sensitivity or intolerance), or it could be a product (maybe serums are not enough and you need an emulsion). Having a relationship with what makes you thrive is sure to show via your skin!”

Skincare Tip #7 from Rachael Pontillo, bestselling author of the book Love Your skin, Love Yourself.  

“The most meaningful natural skincare tip that I learned in my continuing education as an aesthetician was something that was very opposite what most people (and most skincare lines) think the skin needs: don’t force exfoliation!

While most skincare companies include an exfoliant in their daily regimens, whether that’s in the form of a cleanser that includes alpha or beta hydroxy acids or a scrub–and many spas still perform chemical exfoliation treatments and microdermabrasion–I don’t recommend it. The “dead” outermost layer of the epidermis (the stratum corneum) is there for a reason. They act as the armor that protects the vital cells and functions in the deeper layers of the epidermis and the dermis, such as the production of melanin pigment, collagen, and elastin.

While sometimes the dead cells don’t slough off when they ideally should, due to a slow cell turnover rate this is something that can often be remedied by internal means–a more nutrient-dense diet and adequate hydration. Forcing the cells’ remove too soon reveals cells that aren’t at the proper stage of development yet to be safely exposed to the elements; and doing so can lead to inflammation, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, and can actually speed up the skin’s aging process.

I don’t recommend exfoliating more often than once a week, and when you do exfoliate, I recommend gentle enzymatic exfolation (raw honey is great!) or soft, natural granules like honey granules or jojoba beads with a smooth, rounded–not jagged–surface area.”

Skincare Tip #8 from Oresta Korbutiak, owner and founder of ORESTA organic spa and beauty boutique.

“Sleep is critical not only for your health but also for maintaining a healthy glow. That’s why they call it ‘beauty sleep’. Skin heals and regenerates itself at night. Sleep deprivation causes our body to release more cortisol, the stress hormone, which in addition to being a fat storing hormone, triggers inflammation and breaks down collagen (responsible for maintaining firm, plump, and smooth skin). This results in fine lines, as well as thin and dry skin.  Sleep deprivation also increases insulin resistance which along with inflammation are major culprits of acne. Sleep strengthens your immune system and your skin’s natural barrier function. More sleep = less breakouts.

Red eyes, puffiness and dark under-eye circles are all exacerbated by poor sleep. Increase eye brightness and alleviate dark circles and puffiness with adequate sleep time.  Sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated also helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye.”