What to Focus on to Get Results in Your Business

Most of my clients come to me feeling scattered and overwhelmed because they’re doing all the things and none of it’s leading to more clients or money.

I get it! As a solopreneur you’re wearing many different hats (graphic designer, copywriter, bookkeeper…) and it can be hard knowing which activities will actually get you the results you desire.

Here’s the thing. The key to getting big results isn’t about doing more. It’s actually all about doing less, doing things better and being strategic with your time.

If you’re spinning your wheels and not sure which activities in your business to focus on, this livestream is for you!

Check it out!

In this livestream I’m sharing:

  • How the stories you’re telling yourself could be leading you to work harder, not smarter
  • The TWO simple questions I ask myself every day that help me make strategic vs. emotional decisions
  • What I focus on that allows me to work only 15 hours/week and spend tons of time with my son
  • Why trying to do it all isn’t really the best use of your time

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