Get Rid of Comparison Once and For All

Picture this.

You’re lounging on your couch scrolling through Instagram when all of a sudden your heart sinks, your mood shifts and your thoughts swirl out of control.

There SHE is again. It seems like she pops up everywhere. You know the one. That dietitian who has it all together. She has thousands of followers. She’s a regular in the media. The worst part is, she’s in the exact same niche that you are.

And every time you see one of her posts, it makes you doubt your business and question whether you really have what it takes to succeed.

What you’ve got, my friend, is a nasty case of comparison-itis.

It feels awful, but don’t worry…it’s not contagious.

Comparison happens to all of us at some point. It’s completely normal and also the worst thing you can do for your self-esteem and your business. As the saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

If there’s somebody you follow online who always seems to trigger you, here’s what you need to do.

1) Focus on YOUR desires

First of all, step away from your phone. Go for a walk or do something that’s going to clear your head. Next grab a pen and paper and take some time to journal on what you really want.

In my experience the people that annoy or trigger me the most are actually giving me valuable clues about something I want.

So what exactly is it about this person that triggers you so much?

Are they getting a ton of engagement on their posts? Ask yourself what you can do to get more engagement on yours.

Are they in the media? What small steps can you start taking today to get there too.

Do they have a successful online course? Maybe it’s time to start working on creating your own.

So what do you really want and what does your version of success look like? Focus on that instead.

2) Share more of YOU

Want to know what makes your business unique?


There are tons of dietitians who specialize in digestive health, prenatal nutrition and intuitive eating.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

By sharing more of YOU.

Share your stories.

Share your opinions (especially ones that go against the norm!)

Share what fires you up about the nutrition and wellness world.

The type of people that will be attracted to you and your message are different than the people another dietitian will attract.

3) Unfollow

It may sound harsh, but the best thing you can do for your own sanity is unfollow people who consistently trigger you!

If you go down a negative rabbit hole every single time you see a post from a particular person, please do yourself a favor and unfollow them. It’s not good for your mental health and constant comparison will kill your self esteem and your big business dreams. How can you be creative and inspired when you’re so wrapped up in someone else’s success?

Put those blinders on and stay in your own lane. It’s not fair to compare the beginning stages of your business to someone who has been in business for years and now has a team of people supporting them. 

The most powerful thing you can do is unfollow and keep working on your big dreams. You’ve got this!