How to Price Your Nutrition Programs

Ever wonder why some nutrition coaches charge WAY more than others when their programs appear to be exactly the same?

You’ve been researching the “competition” online and it seems like there’s a big disparity in pricing out there. Some coaches charge $1200 for a 4 month program and others charge double (or more) for what looks like the exact same service. What gives?

Not to mention there’s some dietitians and health coaches who don’t post their prices online at all so now you’re wondering what’s best to do…

If pricing your programs has you feeling confused, this livestream is for you!

Watch it here!

In this video I’m sharing:

  • The secret to pricing your nutrition programs
  • Why the common advice to “charge what you’re worth” makes me cringe 
  • How shifting your mindset can lead you to making more money 
  • The #1 mistake most people make when selling their services

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