Repurpose Your Content to Reach More People

If you’re running an online wellness business, creating and sharing consistent content is a non-negotiable.

Content is how you build and nurture a relationship with your audience. It helps you build trust and positions you as a credible source of information. At the same time, many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed with content creation. Between blogging, social media posts, and emails to their list they feel so much pressure to create fresh, new content all the time and that eventually leads to burnout.

Truth is nobody’s expecting you to share brand new content all the time. Different people follow you on various platforms, it’s easy to miss posts and repetition is actually a great thing!

 If you’re taking the time to create content, you need to be sharing it in multiple places and that’s exactly what I’m talking about in this livestream!


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why creating content for your business is non-negotiable
  • Are you throwing money out the window without even realizing it?
  • How just one blog post can be a gold mine of content
  • The simple secret that will bring more awareness to your brand


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