Is Learning Holding You Back From Taking Action in Your Business?

Could learning too much be holding you back from taking action in your wellness business?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE learning. Always have and always will.

If I could be paid to learn new things all day long, that would be my dream job!

Does such a job exist? A girl can dream, right…

When I started my business, I actually took a 5 month leave of absence from my full time hospital job and dedicated that time to massive learning.

I was learning 24/7 and LOVED IT! It felt like I was back in school without a care in the world other than getting good grades…best part is I didn’t even have to worry about that!

What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was using learning as a form of procrastination. Learning was getting in the way of me taking action.

I let the perfectionist side of me take over.

I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I let fear get in the way.

I tricked myself into feeling productive because I was learning so much, but truth was I already knew more than enough to start seeing clients. 

The reality is your clients don’t care whether you have a pHD in biochemistry or an MBA. What they actually care about is whether you can get them results like feeling good in a bathing suit again or having the energy to chase after their kids at the park. You CAN help them do that with what you already know right now.

Let me take you back to your nutrition degree for a minute. Remember all the clinical nutrition courses, food chemistry, and nutritional epidemiology? When you were done the degree, did you feel ready to see clients? I didn’t.

It all came together during my internship when I actually put all the information I had learned to use. When I got to practice and implement all my knowledge through hands on exposure!

That’s how it is in business too.

You can learn all the things, but until you actually start DOING and APPLYING, you’ll never feel like you know enough.

I know learning is your comfort zone and it feels safe and familiar. Makes sense after years spent in school getting your nutrition degree.

It’s easy to spend a ton of time learning everything about business and entrepreneurship.

You know what’s not easy or comfortable? Putting yourself out there on the internet as a business owner and asking people to work with you.

But if all your time is spent learning instead of actually taking ACTION and IMPLEMENTING in your business then you’re not going to see the RESULTS you desire.

As much as I love learning, there comes a time when you have to press pause on all the webinars and podcasts so that you can start DOING.

It’s not what you learn, it’s what you DO with what you learn!

So next time you feel compelled to watch another webinar or sign up for another course, ask yourself if you really need more information. Or are you using it as an excuse to put yourself out there and start getting clients?

Now get out there and start DOING!

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