The Acne Culprit You Might be Missing

Who else used to love M.A.C. makeup?! They were insanely popular when I first started playing with makeup as a teenager and I remember feeling so excited by all the funky colours and shades to choose from.

At the time I used the studio fix powder foundation to cover up my acne. The bumps were still visible, but it helped even out my complexion and conceal the redness. What I didn’t realize at the time was that layering on foundation was actually making my acne problem even worst!

Okay maybe I shouldn’t put all the blame on M.A.C. Most conventional cosmetics contain irritating and pore-clogging ingredients like silica, fragrance and bismuth oxychloride to name a few. These ingredients can lead to more breakouts and so it becomes a vicious cycle that’s really hard to escape!

Do you feel like you need to hide behind a layer of makeup? I used to feel that way too.

These days I hardly wear makeup anymore unless I’m going to a special event.

When I wear makeup it’s because I want to, not because I feel like I can’t leave the house without it!

The beautiful thing about clearing up your skin is that you don’t even need to worry about makeup.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be so in love with your skin that you could leave home at a moment’s notice without applying any makeup?

It’s totally possible, but you have to ditch the crappy products first.

You have to give your skin a break.

There are products out there that actually heal and calm your skin while providing coverage. I know there’s a misconception out there that natural products don’t perform…and maybe it used to be that way, but times have changed! There are many high-performing and luxurious natural cosmetic lines available now and this is coming from a girl who used to be a loyal Chanel user!

Here’s 2 foundation options that I really love:

Fit Glow Vita-Active Foundation

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

Have you found a natural foundation that you love?