The Secret Truth About Wrinkles You Should Know

The Secret Truth About Wrinkles You Should Know

Lately I’ve had a lot of clients ask me about preventing wrinkles. It’s an interesting question and I often feel torn about how to answer.

If you search “how to prevent wrinkles” on Dr. Google, 1.28 million search results will appear. You’ll learn about the damaging effects of the sun along with recommendations to slather on sunscreen and wear sunglasses. Avoiding smoke and drinking plenty of water will also come up.

I agree with all these recommendations and often share them with my clients. However, with millions of articles already published on preventing wrinkles I want to share a different perspective.

“Wrinkles merely mark where smiles have been.”

-Mark Twain

When my clients ask about wrinkles, I often detect a hint of panic and fear in their voice. I get it. We live in a society where youth and beauty are highly valued. Look at any magazine cover and you’ll see flawless (and airbrushed) images. No wonder women feel so desperate!

Where did things go so terribly wrong? How have women been driven to the point where they’ll pay big bucks to inject highly toxic substances (Botox) into their faces? The beauty industry often plays on our insecurities. Think about it; if nobody cared about their wrinkles, they couldn’t make millions of dollars selling anti-aging creams and serums.

In my work with women, I strive to encourage self-acceptance. Part of that process involves reframing old beliefs. When did wrinkles become such a bad thing? They can add character to a face and are signs of a life well lived.

“You know, I’ve got wrinkles on my forehead and smile lines, but what’s wrong with that? I love to smile.”

-Jennifer Aniston

As a 34 year old, I’ve noticed some wrinkles on my forehead and have to admit being bothered for a while. I never liked wearing sunscreen in my 20’s and thought hats looked silly. One of the nice things about getting older is you stop caring so much what other people think.

I’ve caught myself thinking “I wish I wore more sunscreen when I was younger” and scowling at my forehead in the mirror. The truth is there’s nothing I can do to turn back time and if I really think about it, I wouldn’t want to.

Now whenever I catch myself with a useless thought that doesn’t serve me well, I prefer to turn it into something positive. Instead of “I wish I wore more sunscreen” I prefer to think “wow, I’m so lucky for all the Caribbean vacations I spent with my family” or “I’ll never forget how much fun I had that day at the wave pool!” I encourage you to think of each wrinkle as a reminder of a happy memory and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely.”

-Roald Dahl