Why building a website is a waste of time when you’re just starting your nutrition practice (and what to focus on instead)

You know the saying “if you build it, they will come”? It may have worked for Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams, but when it comes to websites that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re in the early phases of starting your nutrition business, I’m willing to bet that building a website is taking up A LOT of your time and energy.

When I started my skincare dietitian business, I spent SO much time on my website. I researched and hired a designer, spent months writing all the copy, and dropped a ton of cash on beautiful photos.

Did this help me get clients? The honest truth is NO.

If anything, it delayed the whole process because I was waiting until everything was perfect before truly putting myself out there.

A website seems like a logical place to start, but it’s actually a huge time waster and a place I see so many dietitians getting stuck.

Working on your website feels like a productive activity and there’s no doubt that getting lost in pretty fonts and logos is fun, but those things aren’t going to help you bring in clients and cash.

Plus if you’re an introvert at heart like I am, a website is such an easy place to hide. I see you and I’m calling you out on it! It’s time to get truly visible.

I’m not saying you’ll never need a website, it’s just not the best place to focus your time & energy when you’re starting out.

Here are 3 things to focus on instead:

1) Building relationships

Business is all about relationships!

Spend time reaching out and connecting with other dietitians and health practitioners. Not only does it help to have a supportive community to lean on when building your practice, they can also be a great source of referrals.

Make a list of business owners who serve your ideal clients in ways that are complementary to what you do. For example if your niche is prenatal nutrition, you could reach out to yoga studios that offer prenatal yoga, doulas and/or midwives. The opportunities for collaboration are endless and the more people that know what you do, the better!

In my business, I formed relationships with skincare formulators who create products I truly love and believe in. Since they are treating skin externally and I use an inside out approach we aren’t competition and this has been a great source of referrals. Not only that, I earn a small commission on their skincare products purchased using my special discount code. Win win!

2) Market Research

Market research is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Not just when you’re starting out, but any time you plan to create a new product or service.

Getting to know your ideal clients inside and out (their desires, struggles, frustrations) will help you create programs and services that they’ll be eager to buy!

There’s no sense wasting time and energy creating something that nobody wants so spend time getting to know the deep desires of your ideal clients.

Hang out in FB groups where your ideal clients hang out, ask questions and hop on the phone with people. Make sure to take notes and write down their exact language because this will come in super handy when writing sales copy that resonates and speaks to your ideal clients.

3) Getting Visible!

Visibility seems to bring up a lot of fears, doesn’t it?

Fear of judgment.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of not being good enough.

But if you’re not putting yourself out there and getting visible, how the heck is anybody going to know what you do and who you help?

Take an honest look at your social media profiles and ask yourself whether it’s super clear what you do…or are you posting photos of your kids and pets most of the time?

Ask a friend or fellow RD if they know who you help by looking at your profile? If not, how can you make it more clear?

I challenge you to create a post to share on your personal FB page letting all your friends know that you’ve started a business and exactly who you help. People want to help, but you have to make it easy for them to do that!

Go ahead and take a break from building your website and focus on the things that will really help you bring in clients instead!

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