Top 5 Tips to Banish Sugar Cravings

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to sugar! You’re not alone. I have a major sweet tooth. I’ll take a cupcake over a bag of chips any day and dinner often doesn’t feel complete until I’ve had something sweet. I even had a candy buffet at my wedding! Hey, just because I’m a dietitian doesn’t […]

Glowing Skin Starts in the Kitchen

This week in my Facebook community, The Clear Skin Collective, we’ve been talking about healthy eating and a very popular myth I come across ALL the time is that diet has no impact on skin. Seriously there’s nothing that irks me more than hearing this! The fact that so many dermatologists continue to dismiss the […]

Self-care is NOT selfish!

The holiday season can be a busy and chaotic time of year so it’s extra important that you make time to nurture your needs and treat yourself with kindness. I want to bust the myth that self-care is selfish because this belief couldn’t be further from the truth! Self–care is one of the easiest things to do; […]

Seasonal Food for “Beet-iful” Skin

Each month I’ll be featuring a seasonal beauty food that’s great for your skin and overall health. I’ll also share plenty of tasty recipes for you to try. This time of year is all about root vegetables and depending on where you live; you’ve probably seen a bounty of colourful beets (red, yellow, orange) at […]