How to Price Your Nutrition Programs

Ever wonder why some nutrition coaches charge WAY more than others when their programs appear to be exactly the same? You’ve been researching the “competition” online and it seems like there’s a big disparity in pricing out there. Some coaches charge $1200 for a 4 month program and others charge double (or more) for what […]

What to Focus on to Get Results in Your Business

Most of my clients come to me feeling scattered and overwhelmed because they’re doing all the things and none of it’s leading to more clients or money. I get it! As a solopreneur you’re wearing many different hats (graphic designer, copywriter, bookkeeper…) and it can be hard knowing which activities will actually get you the […]

3 Powerful Pieces of Content to Attract Your Ideal Clients

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with the power of content marketing! Creating and sharing consistent high value content is how I’ve grown my business and how I attract my ideal clients on a regular basis. It’s also something I used to struggle with. When I started my skincare dietitian business, I didn’t […]

Do Your Customers WANT What You’re Selling?

You know you’re a nutrition pro and that working with you has the power to transform lives. The question is: Do your potential clients know it too? It all comes down to powerful marketing and a deep understanding of the struggles and desires of your ideal client. The way you’re going to consistently bring in […]