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How to Overcome Objections on Your Discovery Calls

Are you sick of hearing “I can’t afford it” on your discovery calls? Wish you could just find clients with loads of money to spend? It’s so frustrating when you get to the end of an amazing call with a potential dream client and then a ton of objections come up that leave you wondering “what the […]

3 Copywriting Tips to Connect With Your Ideal Client

Are you spending hours of your time writing copy for your website, social media, and newsletters but hearing crickets from your audience? As an online health and wellness entrepreneur, connecting with your audience through your written words is one of the most important skills you need to make sales happen. When you write in a […]

Repurpose Your Content to Reach More People

If you’re running an online wellness business, creating and sharing consistent content is a non-negotiable. Content is how you build and nurture a relationship with your audience. It helps you build trust and positions you as a credible source of information. At the same time, many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed with […]

How to Price Your Nutrition Programs

Ever wonder why some nutrition coaches charge WAY more than others when their programs appear to be exactly the same? You’ve been researching the “competition” online and it seems like there’s a big disparity in pricing out there. Some coaches charge $1200 for a 4 month program and others charge double (or more) for what […]